Bahola Labs is a Chennai based manufacturer of Homeopathic Medicines founded by Dr. V R Murty who is regarded as the 'Dr.Hahnemann of South India'. The company promises high quality standards and its motto is to improve the quality of life through Homeopathy. Bahola offers over 450 mother tinctures, 700 dilutions (in all potencies), Bio Chemics and Bio Combinations (entire range), Triaturations, Specialities, Nosodes, Ointments.

Popular Bahola products - Gold drops, Corn Paint, Tooth drops, Q3 Tab, Septin Tab, Alpain Tab, Cofil syrup, Arnicated Hair Oil, Alfiron Malt, Dibet drops, haematonic syrup

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Bahola Septin Tablets. Homeopathy Medicine for Body Resistance, Immunity

Homeopathic Medicine To Increase Body ResistanceBaholas Septin is a natural immunity ...
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Bahola Worminal Drops for deworming

Bahola's Worminal Drops is indicated for  vermifuge for eradication of single and mix...
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$2.80USD $2.52USD 10% OFF

Cofil Effective Cough Reliever

Homeopathic Cough RelieverFor dry or productive coughs, allergic cough, whooping coug...
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$1.75USD $1.58USD 10% OFF


Menareg is used for all menstrual irregularities such as excessive bleeding, delayed ...
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$3.33USD $2.99USD 10% OFF

Q3 Tablets

Q3 tablets are used for fevers, headaches, cough and bodyache. .....
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Tooth Drops

Bahola's tooth drops is indicated for toothache and bleeding gums andgives relief fro...
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$2.10USD $1.89USD 10% OFF


Urelief is used for faster control of UTI. Relives abdominal pain, burning micturatio...
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$3.50USD $3.15USD 10% OFF