Adel 11 Defaeton drops - natural remedies for constipation
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Adel 11 Defaeton drops - natural remedies for constipation

Adel 11 Defaeton drops - natural remedies for constipation

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Adel 11 Defaeton drops - natural remedies for constipation contains: Boldo 6x, Cynara Scolymus 4x, Dioscorea Vill 6x, Fumaria Off 4x, Ignatia 12x, Frangula 6x, Rheum Palmatum 12x.

Adel 11 Defaeton drops are indicated for acute and chronic constipation



Constipation basically refers to the infrequent bowel movements that are hard to pass. Most often it is defined to have bowel movements less than three times a week. Food rich in fibre and oil made of olives are good natural remedies for constipation. Symptoms of constipation are small or hard stools, swollen abdomen, pain in abdomen, vomiting, straining during bowel movement. Causes of constipation can be being inactive, lack of fiber and water consumption, over usage of laxatives, unhealthy diet, consuming more dairy products, stress, hypothyroidism etc. Constipation sometimes can cause other health issues such as hypothyroidism, diabetes etc.



Defaeton drops as natural remedies for constipation are a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs like boldo, cynara scolymus etc., selected for their ability to address constipation problem.


How the ingredients in Defaeton drops work

The key properties in Defaeton Drops that acts as natural remedies for constipation are derived from the following ingredients

Boldo - it is a digestive and liver stimulant. It helps to increase flow of the bile from gallbladder during the process of stimulating the urea excretion.

Cynara scolymus - it serves as a drainage medication for liver and gallbladder. It stimulates the protein, carbohydrates and fat metabolism. It supports the excretion and digestion processes.

Dioscorea vill - treats the spasms of digestive organs, intestinal pains and severe pain in abdomen (colics). it helps in stimulating proper excretion.

Fumaria off - it unblocks portal veins. It stimulates metabolism. It is also indicated to reduce the pain during cleansing (purgation).

Ignatia - acts as natural remedies for constipation that addresses nervous indigestion and the disruptions in digestive organ. It treats the gastritis accompanied by sour or bitter taste. It also addresses the complaints that are linked to the formation of ulcers. Disinclination to certain food habits that develops due to the change in moods can also be treated by this.

Frangula - it acts as mild purgative which helps in resolving symptoms that may accompany constipation including liver weakness, hemorrhoids, liver blockage, headaches etc

Rheum palmatum - it act as mild purgative that does not cause pain. It even acts as toner for the intestinal excretion.


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Attribute Dosage
Attribute Dosage Adults 15 to 20 drops of Adel 11 Defaeton, Children 7 to 10 drops of Adel 11 Defaeton, 3 times a day in 1/4 Cup of water.
Symptoms Constipation
Manufacturer Adelmar Pharma GmbH
Form Drops

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